A Partnership with Zultys

Blue Sky Technologies & Zultys: A Partnership Dedicated to Building Customer Relationships

Leading Managed Technology Services Provider Partners with Pioneer in Unified Communications & Integrated Contact Center Technology

BROOKLAND, AR – June 18, 2024

Blue Sky Technologies, a leading provider in managed technology services, has partnered with Zultys to serve small to mid-sized businesses and provide the latest emerging technology in unified communications. Zultys, a pioneer in unified communications and integrated contact center technology, equips small to mid-sized businesses with highly advanced and supported unified communications systems to increase customer engagement. Through this strategic partnership, small to mid-sized businesses have access to the technology needed to streamline operations, increase real-time collaboration, efficiently manage high call volume, drive brand loyalty, and improve the overall customer service experience.

One of the biggest frustrations in the modern workplace affecting teams is the challenge of efficient collaboration. Organizations comprised of hybrid workers, remote employees, in-office teams, cross-department projects, and busy executives using their preferred devices are a leading cause of this challenge. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to handle this problem is by using a unified communications platform for all workplace communications, leaving everyone on the same page. Blue Sky Technologies began its partnership with Zultys to leverage its unique technology, which allows seamless collaboration and efficient communication. The Zultys mobile and desktop apps enable users to make audio and video calls, conduct video conferences, send instant messages, indicate availability, record calls, utilize softphones, and harness other advanced call center features from their preferred devices. Through this unique partnership, Blue Sky Technologies can elevate the communication infrastructure of any small to mid-sized business and focus on finding cutting-edge communication tools to eliminate friction points that prevent effective communication and collaboration between business owners, employees, and customers.

"We're thrilled to partner with Zultys," stated Brian Duckworth, Owner and Sales Consultant of Blue Sky Technologies. "We focus on finding the best technology and establishing partnerships like these to give our customers a lasting competitive advantage. Many startups come and go in a fast-moving industry, such as business technology, but Zultys understands what it takes to thrive. They value customer feedback and let the customers' needs drive innovation; every system feature exists because a business owner asked for it. Zultys utilizes customer feedback and provides solutions to help them collaborate in the most efficient manner possible. We're thrilled to have such a strong partnership and robust unified communication system to provide to our customers," added Duckworth.

About Blue Sky Technologies

Blue Sky Technologies, a locally owned and operated business headquartered in Northeast Arkansas, serves clients throughout Arkansas, Northern Mississippi, Southeast Missouri, and Southwest Tennessee by consulting, integrating, and managing technological solutions to tackle businesses' toughest challenges and drive growth. With over 10 years of experience, Blue Sky Technologies provides physical security, communication, managed IT, infrastructure cabling, and network solutions and services, all built on a consultative approach, technical expertise, unmatched industry knowledge, and partnerships with leading brand providers.